a ‘gaming’ platform to share the best moments of our games

Amazon, creator of platforms like Twitch and Luna, has just presented GameOn, an application to share small clips of the games in the games. These clips are shared within the application itself to share them on our profile or on the social networks that we want.

The clips are stored within our own device, and we can edit them within the application to later share them in the app’s profile. Comments can be added through a selfie recording, as well as putting subtitles within the game.

Amazon GameOn, a tool to share your gaming moments

If you like the world of video games, surely you have seen that YouTube is full of small videos with the best moments of the games. Something similar to this is one of the goals of GameOn, make users can record their best moments. How do you do it? When we open the application, we will have more than 1,000 compatible games, such as ‘PUBG Mobile’, ‘Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’, ‘Angry Birds 2’ and more.

GameOn will allow users to record small clips when they are playing, they can have a maximum duration of up to 5 minutes

When we start to play we will see a small ‘start’ button, which starts recording. When we sense that the good move is coming, we give it to record, with which we can save a clip of between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. This clip can be edited afterwards, with our own selfie reaction (added later, as commentators) or even with some subtitles.

Amazon GameOn will allow you to upload these clips to your profile in the app, as well as share the link with the rest of the applications and social networks. The app will also have weekly challenges, a system of votes and visits, and everything you need to be a kind of social network, instead of just an app to record videos.
It is available from now on Android (although it is not yet compatible with our devices) and will soon come to the iPhone.



Amazon launches GameOn: a ‘gaming’ platform to share the best moments of our games