A Funko Pop! Steve Jobs or Tim Cook? Someone has created them

A company has made it possible for us to have Steve Jobs and Tim Cook as guests in our house. And it is that, as great representatives of one of the most recognized companies in the world, the image of both CEOs is a great reference of pop culture, just the niche that the creators of Funko.

Tim Cook and Steve JobsTim Cook and Steve Jobs in Pop Characters! Vinyl

The Pop! Vinyl are reinterpretations of famous pop culture characters like ET, Star Wars and Marvel and many other companies, distinguished by their giant heads for their small bodies.

A great pair of Apple turned into Funko.

Although Funko is the US-based company that created the Pop! VinylAround the world there are other companies licensed to sell and even to create this type of characters according to specific requests.

While Steve Jobs and Tim Cook are not part of the list of mass-designed Funko, they have been the protagonists of the request for a custom design for a client, apparently a fan of the firm, to the company Pop Goes The Vinyl based in the UK.

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The curious creation was shared on the PGTV Twitter account and of course the comments were not long in coming, among those who were positively astonished with the representations of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook with giant heads.

For many Steve Jobs will always be the face of Apple and despite not having done it alone, many of his decisions were decisive in making Apple a different technology company. But without a doubt, Tim Cook, whom Jobs himself proposed as his successor, has been responsible for Apple’s transition to the brand that it is today.