A French TV report uncovers an illegal network of luxury restaurants opened during the pandemic

A report broadcast by French television channel M6 has uncovered an illegal network of luxury restaurants in Paris that they have skipped the regulations in the middle of a pandemic, in a scandal that has led the French Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, to request an investigation in this regard.

An anonymous individual, identified as an organizer of a secret party, revealed that he had eaten this week “in two or three ‘illegal’ restaurants with several ministers“, without giving more details.

The issuance of the report has caused the French Prosecutor’s Office to open an investigation on the matter this Sunday “to verify if the parties were organized in violation of health regulations and determine who the organizers and participants may have been. “

The report, which was released on Friday night, cites as an example the existence of a secret luxury restaurant in Paris that remained open despite measures against the coronavirus. Remember that restaurants in France closed at the end of October due to the pandemic.

“People who come here take off their masks”, according to a staff member of one of the restaurants, also under complete anonymity. “Once you walk through the door, there is no more coronavirus,” says the employee.

The report also introduces the audience to a party in an elegant establishment where peoplee does not wear masks and does not observe the rules of distancing.

Thus, the French Interior Minister has instructed the Paris Police Prefecture to “check the veracity of the denounced events and, if they do, prosecute the organizers and participants of these clandestine dinners. “

The report has put French society on a war footing, which has protested on social networks under the label “We want the names” (#OnVeutLesNoms) (We want the names), given the extremely tense crisis in the country.

Epidemic situation in France

In fact, French Public Health has confirmed this Saturday that 5,273 people are admitted to the country’s intensive care units, after registering more than 399 admissions in the last 24 hours and even exceeding the intensive care admissions of the previous wave, when a maximum of 4,093 occupied the exceptional care rooms in mid-November.

The number of hospitalizations continues to increase, with 28,886 patients including 1,730 new admissions in 24 hours. The seven-day figure is also on the rise, with nearly 13,500 admissions, of which 3,074 have entered intensive care.

Regarding the positivity rate, which measures the percentage of positive people, this stands at 7.9%. The disease has killed 96,493 people since the start of the epidemic in March 2020, 187 more in recent hours.