The NBA career of Craig Hodges She can be remembered for being a member of a champion team with the Chicago Bulls, for being two-time champion of the triple tournament (even participating once without a team) or for being “marginalized” in the league for his political positions. However, he has always been a man to speak his mind and this time he has not remained silent, despite having to attack Michael Jordan.

After Jordan ‘laughingly’ affirmed ‘in the first episode of’ The Last Dance ‘that the 1984 Chicago Bulls were a’ walking cocaine circus’, Hodges, who was not even on that team, lashed out at ‘Air’, considering that “One of the things we do as players is to call ourselves a fraternity. When I was watching the first episode, I felt very angry about the coca cocaine circus. ’”

Hodges explained that the reason was that “it bothered me because I was thinking about the brothers who were in that team with him and now they had to explain to their families, who were preparing to watch the great documentary by Michael Jordan and who knew they were in that team and now you had to explain that phrase to a 12-year-old boy ”.

Lastly, the former baseman also stated that he was upset with Jordan for his comments on Scottie Pippen’s injury in the 1997-98 season and on the blame attributed to Horace Grant for the book “The Jordan Rules”, two events that happen in the following chapters of the series.