A former pornstar in power

Former pornographic actress Eve Vorley becomes director of the board of directors of West Ham. This is the wife of David Sullivan, the majority shareholder of the club.

Currently in 10th place in the Premier League with 26 points, West Ham presents an honorable record this season. The club has just made an improbable decision regarding the organization chart of its management. Eve Vorley, a former pornstar in the 90s, has been appointed director of the board. A surprising appointment which is not by chance!

The president places his relatives

Vorley is indeed the wife of David Sullivan, the owner of the club (at 51.1%) and officially one of the two presidents of the London club (with David Gold). She met her husband, a businessman and film producer, in the porn industry.

Obviously, Sullivan loves working alongside his family at the club. Her son, Dave Sullivan, will work with Eve Vorley on the board of directors and her youngest, Jack, is the general manager of the women’s team.

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