As we now know, social networks are conducive to many excesses. And sometimes it can go a long way. Very often, public figures are the first victims of these 2.0 attackers. This is the case of Iris Mittenaere who testified in a story posted Saturday, September 12, relayed by our colleagues from Closer, to have been the subject of sordid messages. Very close to her followers, the former Miss France had asked her community to suggest ideas for her next columns on Chérie FM. Some of the responses she received shocked her deeply. “Frankly, I received proposals … you know it’s not anonymous? Because I see your profiles … and the completely twisted proposals and the jealousies of some I see them too“, wrote the companion of Diego El Glaoui.

“Harassment does not go unpunished”

“I used to jealousy of some people but the mentally ill I begin to saturate. So pro week I will start to act. The harassment is not going unpunished. Threats of rape either. I have your profiles “, she added. But no question for the former beauty queen to let her attackers mar her joie de vivre.” I will not let anyone take my smile away, she said. asserted. I am very happy and realize every second that I have the chance to live. Even though a microcosmic number of people bothers me. The others I love you.

Since the publication of her post, Iris Mittenaere has received a lot of support from women who have been victims of similar attacks. One of them wrote, for example: “I had two more male organs when I woke up, I swear I can’t anymore. So I can’t even imagine you.” In France, sending an unsolicited photo of a penis is punishable by a 750 euros fine, according to article R.624-2 of the penal code. A repeated practice will fall under the blow of harassment, punishable by two to three years of imprisonment and from 30,000 to 45,000 euros in fine depending on the age of the victim.

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