A former gymnast supports Biles by revealing what they did to him after this chilling fall at the 1996 Games

The fall of Dominique Moceanu. (Photo: TWITTER)

Former Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu has expressed her support for Simone Biles by revealing what she endured after she fell during a workout at the 1996 Olympics and brutally hit her head on a balance beam.

The athlete recalled that at that time she was only a 14-year-old girl and that she had already had a tibia injury. He has also revealed that after his accident no one even subjected him to a cervical examination to see if he had suffered any damage.

In fact, he stressed that he had to compete again in that same place just a few minutes after the crash.

Moceanu has applauded Biles’s decision not to participate in some tests to preserve her mental health because, she says, it shows that gymnasts also have something to say about their own health, something that she never felt as an Olympian.

Meanwhile, the sports psychologist of the Centta Institute, José García Donate, has described the decision of the gymnast Simone Biles to leave the competition of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as “admirable” because he has prioritized her mental health.

“People can say their whole lives training for this moment and give up”, but it would be staying on the surface, at the tip of the iceberg. However, it should be normalized. And the thing is, there are several keys that can explain why this athlete has decided to withdraw from competition ”, he said.

“The expectation of ‘if I have done it well before, I have to do it well now’, and it is precisely that ‘I have’ that does the most harm to people in any area of ​​life, since it does not open the door to more options than victory, to get it. What in the end generates a great pressure ”, has argued the psychologist

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