A foldable Pixel? Samsung would manufacture its screen this year

The Google Pixel family of smartphones will have a much-anticipated makeover in the coming months. At the moment renders of the apparent designs of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models are known, although there is also expectation about the delayed Pixel 5a. But in the last few weeks has also revived the rumor that we would see a foldable Pixel.

According to The Elec, Samsung Display would begin in October to produce foldable OLED screens for a handful of companies that would be developing mobiles with that feature. Between the signatures Google would be found, escorted by Xiaomi and Vivo.

But the report goes a little further, and ensures that the Mountain View firm works on a folding smartphone with 7.6-inch screen and nicknamed “Pixel Fold” by the media. The peculiar fact is that it is the same screen size as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, one of the main references in the segment.

Rumors revive about a foldable Google Pixel smartphone

Google Pixel 4 event

Google’s intentions to say present in the folding mobile market come a long time. In May 2019 the first strong versions regarding this issue appeared, asserting that the Californian firm already had several prototypes. However, there were no immediate launch plans because it is a very early development phase.

Weeks ago, meanwhile, the Android 12 beta revealed the model codes for the Google Pixel 6 family of smartphones. Among the listed devices was one under the codename ‘Passport’ (GPQ72) which, according to 9to5Google, corresponded to a device folding. Logically, this did not imply the confirmation of a future launch, but yes the continuity of a development by the American firm.

If the information on the production date of the folding screens is accurate, we could be in front of a hopeful data. Generally, Google announces the renewal of the Pixel catalog in the first days of October, month in which Samsung Display would begin with the manufacture of the panels.

So is there a chance we’ll see a preview of the foldable Pixel at the launch of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro? Today it is impossible to see beyond speculation, so you have to keep waiting for more tangible news to appear.

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