A fleet of 3,000 Hyundai robot drones lit up the Shanghai sky

Drones are becoming more and more popular. They are no longer just used to explore places that are difficult to access for people and take cinematic shots. Lately, these unmanned aircraft are being used to “draw” figures in the air, and thus put on real shows. The latest example of this has been starring a fleet of robot drones from Hyundai, which created a light show on the Shanghai skyline to celebrate the arrival of its luxury brand, Genesis, in China.

According to the Genesis press release, the show held on March 29th has set a new Guinness World Record. With this they claim to have demonstrated their spirit, “pushing the limits through an advanced technological experience.”

The images speak for themselves. If seeing them on the screen is already impressive, the live show was probably a no-waste experience. Hyundai’s fleet of robot drones flew in formation and, under different patterns, created the Genesis logo, a hand and two of their car models. And of course, the lights of the devices perfectly combined with the dark sky of Shanghai and the lights of its buildings.

Hyundai’s robot drone fleet surpassed a Guinness record

Hyundai’s show for its Genesis brand surpassed the previous Guinness record, set by Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology on September 20 of last year. This company, which is dedicated to providing these types of shows, used 3,051 drones to create different figures on the sky of Guangdong, in China. Intel also got this title thanks to its “Drone Team”, with which it created the Olympic rings over Pyeongchang during the opening of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

It wouldn’t be surprising if shows like Hyundai’s robot drone fleet become more and more frequent. As its popularity grows, the characteristics of these vehicles improve and their price is reduced. In addition, light shows could become an interesting alternative for large celebrations in which pyrotechnics were previously used.