A five-story building “walked” through the streets of Shanghai

It’s a new achievement in robotics: an 85-year-old elementary school was pulled out of the ground and moved 62 meters from its original spot.

Robotics continues to surprise: thanks to technology, a five-story building could be moved. Yes, as you read it: the building « walked » through the streets of Shanghai.

It all happened thanks to a machine that, in 18 days, helped turn the building 21 degrees and moved it 62 meters from its original place.

The weight is 7,600 tons.

The relocation was successfully completed on October 15, as reviewed by CNN.

But how was it all done? This is explained by Lan Wuji, the project’s chief technical supervisor.

This is how the building could be moved, thanks to robotics

The goal was to move Lagena Elementary School, created in 1935, to relocate it. In this space, a new commercial and office complex will be built, which would be released in 2023.

Shanghai Evolution Shift was at the forefront of the activity. For this he used 200 mobile supports that each acted as a robotic arm.

The supports act as legs, with groups that raise and lower as if it were a human stride.

« It’s like giving the building crutches so it can get up and then walk, » Wuji said.

Company workers dig around the building, later incorporating the robotic legs. The rest is history.

« Relocation is not the first option, the most used is demolition, » said Wuji. « But it is preferable not to touch the historical buildings. »

An achievement of engineering supported by advances in robotics.