“A finger was erased”, fans of Kim Kardashian criticize the excess of Photoshop

Kim Kardashian is heavily criticized by her fans and the alleged excessive use of photoshop. “A finger was erased” they said on social media.

Photo: Michael Loccisano. / Michael Loccisano / Wire Image

Criticism falls back on Kim kardashian for having abused the photoshop, to the point that he erased a toe and all his fans criticized him the fact of using so many filters and abusing digital retouching. The idea of ​​the ex’s Kanye west, it was to show off her great body From the beach in a tiny black bikini, but the lack of the fifth toe was what took all the comments on social networks.

This would not be the first time that Kim Kardashian has been criticized for the same thing. Two years ago, instead of removing a finger, he put it on and appeared as if, instead of having five, he had six. But not only her, almost all members of the Kardashian dynasty have suffered from the same evil and have been singled out for the same thing on different occasions.

In the same photograph, Kim appears exhibiting her body and the power of her curves, but it was not they who captured the attention of users on social networks but rather the “lost finger. This happened in the right foot of the famous who was sitting on a rock. Clearly four fingers are visible and not five.

Still, many fans of the little sister of Kylie jenner They defended it and assured that it is a question of point of view and that the finger is there but covered with sand and that is why it cannot be seen. It will be necessary to see if this time, like the previous one, Kim publishes a video of his feet to affirm that he has five and not six or four.

On the other hand, just a few days ago Kim told her mother, Kris Jenner, on the reality TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that I was ready to be happy. This referring to their separation from the rapper after 7 years together and 4 children. Apparently, the matriarch would be very concerned about her daughter’s happiness and reiterates that all she wants is for her to have fun and be happy. To which Kim nodded. When that episode was recorded, Kim still did not want to make the crisis very public, much less the decision to separate, yet she aired it in this way.

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