This is a rather surprising project that is in development on the side of Warner Bros. according to the site We Got This Covered. Indeed, the company is said to have started to think very seriously about the launch of a film about the death of Superman. A creation that would not come from anywhere but from the comic book The Death of Superman. Such a project could have serious consequences for the DCEU.

The end of Superman

As we know, the Superman character sticks out his tongue on the big screen right now. The DCEU has already mourned actor Henry Cavill, who will clearly not take over the role. If optimism can be de rigueur for the character on the side of the series, nothing beats the magic of cinemas.

It is undoubtedly from this observation that Warner Bros now wants to adapt the comic on the death of Superman in a live-action film. As a reminder, we already had the right to an anime in 2018. This sequence in the history of Man of Steel, imagined in comics between 1992 and 1993 notably puts him in the grip of Doomsday and the superhero must sacrifice himself to save the world. After his death, several characters will notably pretend to be the reincarnation of the native of Krypton. A sequel was even released in 2019 for the anime, still meeting great success with the public.

The goal of Warner Bros. seems to be to make it a solo film that wouldn’t fit into a more complete story, much like what could have been done for the Joker.

It also means that a real reboot for the character of Superman is not on the horizon, since it is hard to imagine three actors playing the famous superhero in the space of a decade. The choice of this story should however meet with a definite response from Superman fans, which undoubtedly explains the choice. But, it will be interesting to see how Warner Bros wants to handle things, since some elements have already been recovered in the movie Batman V Superman.