A father and his 17-year-old son, killed by three men in a rural region

A father and one of his sons have been murdered by three men in a rural region in the Autonomous Region of Southern Caribbean of Nicaragua (RACS), reported this Sunday the National Police, which is after the search and capture of the suspects.

The double crime was recorded on Saturday afternoon when the subjects Andrés, Natividad López and Santos, the three López Pulido, “argued and attacked Donaldo José Argüello Jarquín (42 years old) and his son Jelkin Adonis Argüello López (17) with firearms and weapons,” causing their death, “according to the police report.

The “delinquents”, of whom the Police did not specify if they are brothers or relatives, “they fled.”

A police technical team and forensic experts came to the scene to carry out the inspection and photographic fixation of the scene. In addition, they collected samples of body fluids to perform the chemical and biological expertise.

The bodies were examined by a forensic doctor from the municipality of Bluefields, the main city of the RACS, and determined as a cause of death. hypovolemic shock and head trauma.

Five murders at Easter

With these two new homicides, they already add up five those murdered during the Easter holidays, plus a parricide, followed by suicide.

Among the murderous deaths is that of Socorro del Carmen Cerna Chavarría (43), that she was murdered at her home in the municipality of Murra, Nueva Segovia department, on the border with Honduras, when an unknown person entered violently to commit a robbery with intimidation and shot her, causing her death.

The Police also reported that Benedicto Castro is suspected of shoot Santos María Moreno Herrera (45) and Sendy Oldemar Chavarría Rivera (22) after arguing while intoxicated.

It also indicated that a man in an apparent state drunk he killed his mother violently and then he committed suicide in a town in Nicaragua.

That parricide occurred on the afternoon of Holy Thursday in the municipality of Bilwi or Puerto Cabezas, in the Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast (RACCN), according to the police report.

The assailant, identified as Yasir Josué Knaggs, 22, stabbed to death his mother, Angela Alicia Knaggs Deliot, 50 years old, and then committed suicide by sticking the same knife in his abdomen, according to police.