A fascinating war of styles

The unification of all super lightweight titles on May 22 between José Ramírez and Josh Taylor is one of the most anticipated fights in recent times. It is not for less. They face two undefeated, two undisputed champions, solid boxing with different nuances, crossed guards and many ambitions to win to continue climbing in the first level boxing.

It will be mobility and boxing talent against persistence, tenacity and overwhelming pressure. From that broth we will take the best soup, perhaps, the fight of the year. A fight that is of crucial importance for the immediate future of the unified champion at 135 pounds, Teofimo López. and the WBO welterweight monarch: Terence Crawford.

In the video I present the first of three analyzes with the preview of this fascinating combat. The head-to-head, the analysis of the individual styles, the differences between each one in their possible performance, the fight that we will see and the first forecast of Ramírez vs. Taylor.

the familiar created for Europe

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