A fan of The Simpsons has created a great poster for Dr. Nick Riviera’s clinic

A fan of The Simpsons has created a great advertising poster for Dr Nick Riviera's clinic

This ad poster of Dr. Riviera is very hilarious

One of the animated series that has been around for decades is The Simpsons, and part of its characteristic humor and social criticism in a satirical way They have made it one of the most popular shows in the world.

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So much so, that the vast majority of the fanarts we’ve seen honor the main charactersespecially when it comes to digital drawings and handwork. But this is not why we are going to rule out the secondary characters who, of course, also bring the series to life.

For this reason, a fan of the saga has honored one of the springfield doctors who has completely forgotten the Hippocratic oath: Dr. Nick Riviera.

As you will see, the illustration presents a advertising poster where some of the services performed by Dr. Riviera.

Poster I made for Dr Nicks services from TheSimpsons

The image begins with the name of the doctor, followed by a cordial greeting and then a rather peculiar phrase «We stitch and dont snitch« whose translation into Spanish could be “We operate but we do not disclose it”.

After this you will be able to observe the price of your operations since he comments «Any operation for $ 129« and in the center of the poster is the “illustrious” Dr. Riviera, his contact number and address.

Would you leave your life in the hands of this Doctor?

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