A few days ago, surprise came to the Nintendo Switch eShop, Jump Rope Challenge, a free title that literally makes us jump. More than a game, it is a daily challenge, which consists of taking 100 jumps a day. And how do you account for jumps? Very easy, we have to hold the Joy-Con in each hand and thanks to their gyroscope, it counts us the jumps we take. This game stars a cute rabbit, and it should be noted that when you do 100 jumps, the game does not stop, but continues. It has been a success, and in just 3 days, the users of this jumping game overcame 200 million jumps.

Really jump with these handles made in 3D

If we combine imagination and 3D printing, the result can be fantastic. That’s how incredible the imagination of Diego Harrison has been, a user of the Reddit portal who has designed and printed some handles to introduce the Joy-Con and be able to jump more easily. Diego says that in the quarantine he has been jumping rope and when he learned about the Jump Rope Challenge, he placed the Joy-Con next to the handles of his jump rope, and saw that the Nintendo Switch controls very precisely count the jumps. So neither short nor lazy he designed and printed some handles to introduce the rope and the Joy-Con.

In fact, Diego himself makes available the link to copy the design of the handles and you can print it. So you know, if you have a 3D printer, do not miss this opportunity to exercise more effectively.


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