We live in a technological world totally dependent on a few services, and Google’s are key (although there are alternatives). It is something that the general public has been able to verify lately with the lack of them that current Huawei have, and that they have now experienced, Uber, Lyft, Glovo, other delivery applications and services of all kinds that use the Google Maps API, like Runkeeper.

Since yesterday afternoon Spanish night, A problem with this Google tool has caused the maps to not work in the applications that call you to get locations.. Faced with this problem, Glovo has had to stop providing service in Spain for a few hours, although they warned that the cause of the closure was “due to saturation”. When publishing this news, on our smartphone, the application seems to work normally.

A problem recognized by Google

In response to comments on Twitter like the one we see from Justin Stanley, the response from the official Google Maps account last night was that the team was aware of the problems and working to fix it.

Right now, in Issue Tracker, it appears that the problem has been partially solved. From Google they talk about that the problem should be solved for applications that iOS, while Android can continue the problems. One piece of advice they give to the people in charge of the different applications is to say warn the users that deleting data from the applications, or uninstalling, the problem can be fixed.

If you have problems, uninstalling and reinstalling the application can solve them

If we go to Downdetector, we can see that the problem has affected services such as Uber, Uber Eats or Lyft in some markets where they operate, although since this morning it seems that it is being solved (it also coincides with the American night, which is where it may have been noticed the most).

In media like El Comercio, from Ecuador, they have also echoed the problems of UberEats, Rappi or Glovo. Similarly, at Canaltech, in Brazil, they tell how companies that operate in that country and depend on Google Maps have also been affected.

         A failure in the Google Maps API has caused problems in Uber, Glovo and other apps that use their maps