A Dragon Ball fan has an idea for a Vegeta movie that deserves to be filmed

Dragon Ball has delivered excellent Story arcs packed with fights and villains that have transcended in time. However, the latest Dragon Ball produced movies have had a impressive audiovisual production level.

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Thanks to that level of production, a very special fan wanted to share in the Reddit platform an idea that should be taken into account for a vegeta individual movie. Of course, the main character of this installment would be the Saiyan prince.

This is what the next Dragon Ball movie should be like

According to Reddit’s RichardSlingerr, the movie should start with Vegeta enjoying the day with his family, and in that Cabba contacts Vegeta with the purpose that the help to battle, since on his home planet there is a villain who is about to destroy all the inhabitants.

As expected Vegeta decides not to help, arguing that the Saiyans are a proud race, they must fight on their own, defeat their enemy or die like true warriors. But in no time memories begin to come back to him of when his home planet was destroyed by Freeza and all the deaths that occurred after this tragic event.

Idea for a Vegeta Movie. “Awaken the Royal Prince” from dbz

And despite being a different universe, Vegeta decides to help the inhabitants of Universe 6 and thus be able to avenge the fallen of your planet. Vegeta arrives at the exact moment where is about to succumb to Cabba and to all the inhabitants.

In that the Saiyan prince attacks the villain applying all his power and ruining it badly, but the antagonist has a secret weapon known as the “Fruit of the Soul Reaper”, which doubles the power of whoever ingests it, but reduces their life by half.

This logically makes the villain completely destroy Vegeta leaving him seriously injured, Vegeta just before dying begins to hear the voice of the father, encouraging him, telling him how proud he is of him, and that he has stopped being the prince of the Saiyans and that he has become the King of the Saiyans.

What do you think of this scene, do you think it’s a worthwhile movie?

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