A domestic employee in Mexico would have turned her boss over to kidnappers; businesswoman is found dead

The Ministry of Public Security of Coahuila, in Mexico, investigates if a domestic worker was the one who delivered Marisa Valdés to the kidnappers that she was killed after intercepting her on her way to Arteaga a week ago.

He left his home under the deception of renting a cabin

Last Friday, May 7, the woman left her home in Saltillo for said city to rent a cabin.

However, her captors surprised her and took her to Galeana, Nuevo León, in alleged complicity with the worker that Valdés employed at home.

According to the information available so far, the businesswoman was kidnapped to rob her and then they took her to Galeana, where she was attacked and killed. The evidence collected indicates that the victim had been transferred to the Puerto México community.

Authorities from both states searched for the missing businesswoman

After her relatives reported her missing on Monday, authorities from both states coordinated to establish her whereabouts. It was in the aforementioned town in Galeana where they found the body and detained two people allegedly involved in the incident. In total, there are already three people arrested in connection with the crime, according to the state attorney, Gerardo Márquez Guevara.

Victim had stab wounds

“Preliminarily we know that injuries were inflicted by a sharp weapon, we are waiting for the conclusive cause that will be the definitive one through the autopsy that is taking place in Nuevo León,” said Márquez Guevara as quoted by Vanguardia.

Domestic worker would have handed over her boss to the kidnappers

The prosecutor explained that, as part of the plan to rob him, the victim had been deceived by the domestic worker, who told him that someone wanted to rent a cabin he owned in Arteaga. Supposedly, the attackers’ objective was to rob the woman’s house; do not ask for ransom for the kidnapping. “The young woman realized that Valdés had financial resources and that is why she decided to steal from him”the official stated.

The data provided by the Secretariat add that the domestic worker who had been working with Valdés for a month is being investigated for her alleged participation in the events. It is not clear if the woman is among those in the custody of the authorities.

At least five people linked to the crime

In total, the crime was perpetrated by four men in coordination with the female.

Valdés, 64, was a public relations officer who worked at Coparmex, Canacintra, as well as the Sister Cities Committee and the Fire Department.

The president of the Fire Department, Alejandro López Siller, specified that the woman for 10 years was an important part of the activities of the Board.

“They slaughtered her, they have no forgiveness from God. It is a very big loss, ”lamented Miguel Castillo, an employee of the Comprehensive Family Development System (DIF), an organization where the woman served as president.

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