With more regulations than usual this Memorial Day will take place in Miami Beach, there is a very simple reason for so much tranquility, there are fewer people in boats and better control of the police, because this year the main work is focused on maintaining social distancing.

With beaches and hotels closed, half-functioning retail businesses, and the coronavirus pandemic lurking, a different Memorial Day is expected in Miami Beach.

“It is that we are already tired of being locked up, the day is spectacular, tomorrow it will rain a little so it is perfect,” said Maritza, a tourist in Miami Beach.

And is that according to some Miami Beach residents, “there is less partying and more family activities.”

“They are looking for alternatives such as walking on Ocean Drive, people exercising, it is a little different from years past, I see many people exercising,” said Frabio Rivero.

The differences with previous years are marked, there was a sea of ​​people on the beaches and in the streets, but also, at this time the Miami Beach police had a detailed report of arrests and criminal activities, this year it simply does not exist.

“We have officers on the beach and at the entrance of the arena to make sure that no one enters the beach, if someone enters they will be arrested,” said Ernesto Rodríguez, a Miami Beach police spokesman.

We accompanied the Miami Beach police authorities on a water patrol and observed fewer boats, fewer people, and more control by the authorities.

“We have more of our people in the water to make sure that tourists are not driving under the influence of alcohol and that they do not go at speeds that are not safe,” Rodríguez said.

The Coastguards also declare themselves ready for constant patrol and recommend complying with the regulations so that they do not have problems with the law.

“Keep all of your safety equipment with you including fire extinguishers, life jackets, navigation lights if you will be out at night,” said Colom Santiago, Miami Beach Coast Guard.

The tentative date to open the beaches of Miami Beach will be June 1, for the moment there will be a Memorial Day with social distancing and complying as before with all the sanitary measures guided by the CDC.

Without a pandemic and on special dates like this, about 50 thousand tourists are expected per day, this year the authorities prefer not to give figures.