a detail would change forever to the best episode of the series

The Simpsons have been hiding a very interesting secret for a long time and it would change everything you know about an iconic double episode.

The Simpsons are well known for hiding details in some of their scenes, but most are very straightforward and can be found quickly and easily.

However, there is a detail that he escaped to everyone and that would completely change one of the best episodes of the entire series. A detail that is hidden in plain sight and that will make you rethink everything you know.

Who actually shot Mr. Burns?

We know that at the end of season 6 we were all left wondering the name of the person responsible for having shot the yellow tycoon. Few imagined that Maggie Simpson had been guilty of such an act, but few noticed anything.

When everyone gathers to see the body of Mr. Burns after he was shot, we can notice a peculiar group of characters, where he is Marge, Maggie, Edna Krabappel, Moe, Apu, Krusty the Clown, Bart, Otto, Willie, Flanders, Chief Górgory and Paty, Marge’s sister.

Do you notice something strange in the shot? Many did not, but that clown in the back is not Krusty, but rather Homer dressed as Kursty. We can notice that thanks to Homer wears his nose painted red instead of wearing a fake nose, plus he doesn’t have Krusty’s signature jaw lines or bags under his eyes..

Another proof of this is that Krusty had just returned from a vacation just when Burns had just covered the sun, and He is wearing a polo-style shirt and shorts, not to mention that he has no idea of ​​everything that just happened and just a few minutes later he is shot. But Krusty already wears a bow for the group scene.

This changes everything because it seems that Homer had every intention of assassinating his boss and blaming Krusty, just as it happened with Bo Patiño. Everything makes more sense when we know that it was a few chapters ago, in season 6, that Homer just got the Krusty costume.

Scary isn’t it?