A deputy from United We Can participates in the protest in Madrid in favor of the criminal Hasél News Spain

Podemos not only encourages the protests that in 48 hours have caused serious disturbances in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia or Vic. It also participates in them. The deputy of United We Can in the Assembly of Madrid Vanessa lillo and Fernando Jiménez, head of Organization in Madrid of the party of Alberto Garzon They have participated in the protest that has led to serious disturbances in the capital.

The two podemitas assure in a video distributed by IU’s social media accounts that they participated in the concentration – which had not been authorized by the Government Delegation and, therefore, was illegal – to protest against the arrest of the criminal Pablo Hasél. Both argue that they came to defend freedom of expression because « it is inadmissible that in a democracy they are jailing rappers » and they have justified it with the scandals carried out in recent times by King Juan Carlos I.

The concentration in Puerta del Sol in which these two charges of Unidos Podemos have participated has led to clashes between the radicals with the Police. The jump in police actions has been the arrest of 14 radicals and the number of injured has risen to 9, five of them agents of the National Police.

Podemos has been shown these days, since Hasél locked himself in the University of Lleida to delay his arrest and publicize his protest, in favor of decriminalizing insults to the King and the judges. Before, Pablo Iglesias has denounced a citizen for calling him a « tick » during the protests against his case. Quite a contradiction.

The fact is that a week ago Podemos forced another confrontation within the social-communist government with Hasél as the protagonist. The United We Can group registered in the Congress of Deputies a bill to repeal the criminal offenses against the Crown, the glorification of terrorism or offenses against religious feelings. Those of the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, have done it alone, and not jointly with the PSOE. These are precisely some of the crimes for which the ilerdense criminal has been convicted.

However, from Pablo Iglesias’ party they claim that they already had the approval of Moncloa since February of 2020 to present this initiative, and that they even registered it, but then they withdrew it « due to the urgencies of the pandemic, » declared the United Podemos deputy and IU spokesperson in Congress, Enrique Santiago. Accompanied by the president of the group, Jaume asens, and at a press conference in the lower house, Santiago explained that then, and following the protocol of the government agreement, it was transferred to the Secretary of State for Relations with the Courts, the socialist Jose Antonio Montilla, and that he made the due consultation with the Ministry of Justice of Juan Carlos Campo (PSOE), which authorized the procedure.

However, the Secretary of State for Communication announced last night – when Unidos Podemos had already announced its press conference on Tuesday – that the « Minister of Justice will propose a review of crimes related to excesses in the exercise of freedom of expression. » . United We can claim to « celebrate » this government reaction, but define it as a mere « political statement », since it does not contain any articles.

Therefore, those of Pablo Iglesias hope that the text that is finally processed will be theirs via a bill and urgently, since they have no evidence of any government bill in this regard. In addition, Asens has stressed that the Moncloa plan is « insufficient » and has influenced the United We can reform « goes further ». « The problem must be approached in more global terms, » ​​he stressed.

Instead, the deputy spokesman of the PSOE in Congress, Rafael Simancas placeholder image, has attributed the presentation of the initiative of United We Can to the search for electoral revenue by its partners before the Catalan elections next Sunday. «We have a government agreement and a common dynamic and successes, but we are different forces and we are in an electoral campaign »Simancas said, hoping that both parties end up unifying initiatives because « their purpose is the same, » he added.