A Day of Django! Do not miss it!

You are really going to love this event, the best thing is that it will be this next weekend, so you still have time to have your access to “A Day Of DJango”. Do you want to know all the details !? We tell you everything here in Music News about this next unique event for the month of May.

It turns out that for next Sunday, May 16, A Day of Django will be presented, a unique event for this month that you cannot stop enjoying, and we are insistent on this part because usually events have at least a second day to its staging, as this will not be the case, Day of Django will only be presented for a single occasion in this year 2021 on Sunday, May 16.

The event will be running with Romane, Robin Nolan and Jimmy Rosenberg. Best of all, entry for this event will be completely free and of course online for obvious reasons of the current pandemic.

This event not only has special guest artists but will also end with another exclusive concert by the American group called Ultrafaux, which is directed and led by Michael Joseph Harris, with Jason Anick as a special guest for this closing event!

It is definitely an event that you cannot miss, it starts at 5:30 in the afternoon with Django and his Legacy, at 6 in the afternoon Romane and Daniel John Martin will perform and at 7 at night, you can enjoy the concert live online with the Robin Nolan Trio and special guest Jimmy Rosenberg. At 9 o’clock the closure with Ultrafaux will be presented.

Do you need more reasons? Not really, all you need is the link to request your access. Register here>


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