And waiting for unemployment insurance: thousands
of people who sent their application by mail and until today, little or nothing know
about your case.

The cases of these workers and those of
Independent employees are the most critical of this bureaucratic plot that
It has become a human drama. An attorney explains how much they can do or
How long should they wait.

Those freelancers who already
they applied again, how much longer do they have to wait?

Attorney Daniel Rowinsky of Legal Services
of Greater Miami responds:

“I would imagine that two or three weeks would be
enough to at least receive a communication if you are
processing the claim correctly or not ”

With similar uncertainty, there are also thousands
of workers who applied for the benefit by sending forms by mail.

“They will be informed by mail
by email or postal mail (…) 6 or 8 weeks, probably, for
process a claim completely. ”

Would you speed up the process if these people do
online application now what is possible?

“If the claim was submitted a few weeks ago,
I don’t think that online claim will change or make any difference ”

In fact, of the 1.7 million requests,
more than 600 thousand are duplicate requests and this is important: your benefits
they are counted from the Sunday before the date on which you filed the
application, not necessarily from the moment you became unemployed. Now
the agency is allowing those people to enter a website and change
the effective date of the claim to the date they actually lost the
work, as long as it was after March 9 (…) For the PUA
it is retroactive so the active date of the claim is not so important ”.

To change the primary date of your request, enter this link

To file a new application online, visit THIS LINKAND

Find HERE information if you need to appeal your case decision