A dancer? Raúl Araiza exhibits his best steps

¿Quite a dancer ?, Raúl Araiza exhibits his best steps | Instagram

It was a special occasion, so Raúl Araiza couldn’t help dancing! Or at least he tried. The beloved host of the Hoy Program shared a very special moment on his Instagram account, since he has already received the vaccine.

Raúl Araiza Herrera like a good citizen responsible for his health, he went to get the vaccine and waited in line like everyone else with the music and dance steps that they established to entertain and exercise citizenship.

Even though some people danced and some didn’t, The black Araiza decided to be one of those positives who danced; However, he did not warn that positivism on his face, as he himself indicated in the description of the publication of the video on his official Instagram account.

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The actor from La Desalmada took his dance steps with enough humor, showing that this is not exactly his thing, but he still tries; and indicated that this is the reason why he did not participate in The Stars Dance Today.

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So or happier celebrating my vaccine …. That’s why I don’t dance in the Stars Dance in Today! Excess talent on the track! #notengomadre #esloquehay, is the description he wrote next to the video that is most comical.

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The video was shared by the television presenter 20 hours ago and has exceeded 150 thousand views on the famous social network. Famous and non-famous could not resist commenting on Araiza’s publication and laughing with his dance steps.

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Despite not being the best dancer, Raúl Araiza is thanked for sharing these images and encouraging citizens to get vaccinated to take care of their health and that of their loved ones; in addition to doing their “two cents” to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic from continuing.

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