a cyber defense Europol that will coordinate resources of the 27 against large-scale attacks

The European Union (EU) is going to create a community informatics unit whose main objective will be ensure a coordinated response of the 27 member countries to cyber attacks and large-scale cybercrises, as well as offering assistance a posteriori so that those affected can recover from the attacks, as reported by the European Commission in a note. A kind of cyber defense Europol that will have to be operational by June 2022 and with which the institutions of the Old Continent want to jointly face the growing threat of computer attacks, which have increased considerably in the heat of the pandemic and the increased use of digital systems.

The basis of the EU cybersecurity unit will be a virtual and physical platform for cooperation, the latter in Brussels, with representatives of institutions, bodies and agencies involved in cybersecurity issues, both community and national of each Member State. In her all resources and experiences in the field of computer defense will be gathered that allow us to respond to threats jointly.

From this platform, the cybersecurity unit will be in charge of create systems that provide real-time information on cyber threats that may arise in any area of ​​the EU on a large scale. It will also have to configure and mobilize rapid reaction teams against attacks, facilitate the adoption of mutual assistance protocols among participants, implement national and international surveillance and risk detection tools, and respond to cybersecurity incidents and crises.

With this body, the EU ensures that it will be possible to make better use of the full potential of the various cybersecurity networks deployed in Europe, both public and private, to better combat cybercrime.

Advanced and coordinated responses are increasingly needed in the field of cybersecurity, as cyberattacks increase in number, scale and consequences, which seriously affects our security ”, the European Commission points out in the note.

The community institution also stresses that the parties involved in computer defense, both public and private, “too often work separately”, which is why they have considered it necessary to create a unit that forms a common European front against cybercriminals. “The aim is to bring together the resources and experiences available to the EU and its member states to prevent, deter and effectively respond to cybercrises and mass cyber incidents,” they explain.

For the creation of the European cybersecurity unit, the Commission has proposed to develop a gradual process with four stages in which Community institutions and all Member States participate and that must conclude with the commissioning of the IT body on June 30, 2022 at the latest. Likewise, the unit will have to be fully operational in all its responsibilities by June 30, 2023.

Funding for the European cybersecurity unit will be provided by the Digital Europe program, although the European Defense Fund will also provide resources.

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