A CSIC scientist points to a ‘trap’ site to get infected

As the months go by experts are learning more about the coronavirus. After performing numerous research and studies, detect places where it is easier to get infected, so they issue continuous recommendations to citizens.

The last to do so was Antonio Figueras, virologist and specialist of the CSIC. In an interview with Liarla Pardo de La Sexta, he pointed out a new space in which measures must be taken precautionary: the elevators. In addition, it has reached define as “a bear trap”.

In Figueras’ opinion, the increase in cases in the last two months it is because the measures have been relaxed, and that for that reason, Christmas should be “different.” As advice, he has pointed out that It is advisable to avoid getting together old and young people.

Danger of closed places

Last week, a study published in the journal Nature showed that restaurants, bars, cafes, gyms and other closed places represented eight out of ten infections in the first months of the pandemic in United States. Thus, the authors highlighted the importance of partially close some establishments to prevent further spread.