The homosexuality is still a taboo subject in the soccer. Despite the times, gay soccer players live under some discrimination in the sport, there is some rejection and a clear lack of acceptance. All this is expressed today a Premier League footballer, who sent a open letter aimed at everything that encompasses the football entity. This has been published by The Sun.

« I’m gay », says the anonymous footballer of the Premier League who writes the letter after explaining that there is something that « sets him apart from most other Premier League players. » Even writing this in this letter is a big step for me, only a few members of my family and friends are aware of my sexuality. I don’t feel ready to share it with my team and my coach, « says the footballer, who is unable to recognize something that should be natural: » Something inside me prevents me from being open with them about how I feel. I hope that someday I will be able«.

The anonymous acknowledges that this situation can sometimes become « An absolute nightmare » and it is reaching such a point that it is affecting « my mental health more and more ». « I feel trapped and my fear is that revealing the truth about who i am would only make matters worse. So even though my heart tells me I need to, my head always says the same thing: ‘Why risk everything?« , Announces the footballer, who also acknowledges that he is avoiding having relationships as a result of all this, although he » would love « to have one.

« There is a lot of prejudice in football »

« The truth is, I don’t think football is ready for this. Football would need to make radical changes for me to take this step. What the rulers must do is educate to fans, players, coaches, agents, club owners … basically everyone involved in soccer. If I had to take that step, I would like to know that I would receive support at every step of my journey. At this time, I do not think it is « , denounces the footballer, who ensures that currently there is still »a lot of prejudice in soccer«. The author of the letter points out that at the moment, his plan is « to continue playing as long as possible and then come out of the closet when I retire«.

«It was great last month to see Thomas beattie raise your hand and admit that you were gay. But the fact that he had to wait until retirement says everything you need to know. Footballers are still too scared to take the plunge as they play« Says the anonymous, who ends his writing with a reflection: » I know that I could get to the point where it would be impossible for me to continue living a lie. If I do, my plan is to retire early and leave. It could be pulling years of a lucrative career. But you can’t put a price on your peace of mind. And I don’t want to live like this forever«.