A COVID-19 mutation in Siberia hits Russia hard

Russia is one of the countries where COVID-19 is hitting the hardest. Now, as reported by ., there is a added cause for concern: Anna Popova, director of the country’s health watchdog, reported that new mutations of the pathogen are appearing in Siberia.

“We are seeing certain changes in Siberia that allow us to assume that this region is forming his own version with specific mutations “Popova stated. Although he did not want to elaborate on how contagious or deadly this variation was considered, he did say that it would not lead to a more dangerous virus.

It does not influence the vaccine

Despite these mutations being made known, it is not expected to influence the effectiveness of the vaccine, according to Rinat Maksyutov, general director of the Vector Institute of the country. Russian authorities confirmed that subsequent trials to the registration of the second remedy They started last Sunday.

A study from the United States of the month of September found little evidence that virus mutations have made it more deadly. The same investigation indicated that the disease caused by the pathogen was more related to medical conditions and genetics of the sick.

Fifth country with the most infections

Since the pandemic began, Russia has reported 1,971,013 infections and it ranks as the fifth country with the highest number of cases, behind the United States, India, Brazil and France. It also adds 33,931 fatalities due to COVID-19.