A computer expert analyzes if WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal are equally safe

Instant messaging applications WhatsAap, Telegram and Signal are “just as safe” for the user, in terms of protecting their personal conversationsBecause all three have very similar end-to-end encryption protocols, which prevent them from viewing private messages.

What differentiates WhatsApp -the most popular and used in much of the world-, from the other two, is that it has a large conglomerate of social networks behind, which is the American Facebook, its parent company, compared to the other two that are more private.

This has been detailed to Efe by the doctor in Computer Engineering and a specialist in security and obtaining information on social networks Manuel Sanchez Rubio, given the recent announcement of the change of conditions of use of WhatsApp, that has caused a millionaire multiplication of downloads to Telegram and Signal.

He has specified that, although WhatsApp has announced that this new policy -whose entry into force has been delayed from February 8 to May 15-, will not affect users in the EU-, The progress of this update has generated some confusion in many of its users, who have distrusted this tool due to data privacy issues, by allowing the virtual platform to share the information of its users with its parent company.

Also, the platform itself has clarified that its new updates include new options for people who share messages with companies in this application.

Sánchez Rubio, who currently directs the Master in Computer Security at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), has added that WhatsApp already generated an environment of certain mistrust in the user, when it was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

Faced with this certain mistrust, WhatsApp users began to migrate to a platform like Telegram, which in principle was not designed for instant messaging, but which, currently, has said, “it can be used perfectly, in addition to being much friendlier, it has many more options and is much better ”.

Compared to WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal are “much poorer” in content, especially the second, although, “little by little, they are introducing improvements”, since all these applications are a business for those who support them and, before this It is important to have prior knowledge of these tools for correct use.

In his opinion, there is “excessive use of social networks” in Spain and the rest of the countries.

“People – he said – are not aware of everything they imply”, since an account is created on these platforms, in which not only the user gives access to their information, but from the moment the user shares ” many things and the fact of who shares them ”.

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From his point of view, “he thinks too much and with joy” on social networks; without being aware of what it means to express an opinion or make a certain comment on one of these platforms, where the user is exposed to thousands of people.

He has valued that in Spain hatred and apology for terrorism are classified as crimes, and has assured that many Internet users are not aware, on many occasions, of the legal and criminal consequences of launching certain expressions on social networks where “we expose our privacy to an extreme limit ”.

Given this, he has described as “very necessary” a digital education in the use of technologies, which he understands must start from the earliest ages, to achieve a correct use of these digital platforms.

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