When TCL relaunched the legendary Alcatel, it was playing with an important asset: a strong brand image built in the memory of the vast majority of users. However, today’s consumers, perhaps due to the wide market offer, are not the same as those of years ago, they are More demanding and they are not willing to pay more money than necessary.

Among the four main ranges of phones on the market today, two share the highest share: the mid-range and the entry-level range. The percentage of people in high-end and premium range, although still important, is visibly lower. And it is precisely in the entry range where Alcatel wants to influence again this year.

After the success of last year, TCL has renewed its Alcatel 1S terminal (2020) and, as it did with the 2019 model, it has shown that entry-level has only the name. Of course it is not at all the sensation that transmits nothing else to take it out of the box and after holding it in the hand. Available in two colors, Agate Green and Power Gray, it is a phone that gives very good impressions both in materials and finishes.

The Alcatel 1S 2020’s main camera is made up of three 13MP, 5MP and 2MP sensors.

If we start to analyze it from the outside, the first thing we see is an interesting 6.22-inch HD + Vast display, with a body screen ratio of 87.5%. The result is a much more immersive browsing and multimedia experience, where the only thing we see is a drop-shaped notch that, after a few minutes of use, goes completely unnoticed and does not hinder the dive at all. The choice of this screen responds to the growing interest of today’s mobile user, who increasingly uses his phone not only to play video, but also to consume streaming content on platforms such as YouTube or Netflix.

Triple camera: who said input range?

Without a doubt, one of the aspects that users give the most importance to is the camera. Traditionally it was thought that a phone of less than 150 euros could not be expected too much. However, TCL has turned that concept around and now we can enjoy more than reasonable photographic quality in the new Alcatel 1S 2020.

To achieve this, he has designed a module in which we see up to three cameras, all of them prepared to obtain good results in different scenarios.

The camera configuration is divided into three 13MP + 5MP + 2MP sensors. From a macro lens to be able to get very close to an object and focus without problem on a super wide angle with which to capture a greater angle of view.

Automatic vs. wide-angle mode

But good hardware without good software behind is not complete. For this, the new Alcatel 1S 2020 has the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence applied to photography. Thanks to it, the phone itself recognizes up to 22 different scenarios and establishes the necessary touches to further improve the photography result.

With a starting price of 119 euros, we can have a phone with good benefits.

Finally, although we could already see it in the previous model, the new Alcatel 1S 2020 also allows effects to be performed on portrait mode or bokeh effect that on this occasion it obtains an even more hurried result, respecting even more the main object and the background blur.

The photographic section is completed by its 5MP front camera and LCD flash with which to get better selfies: brighter and sharper.

Octa-Core processor to run applications smoothly

Having seen the design and the camera, now it’s time to review the processor that moves all the applications and functions of the phone. To achieve it in a light and fast way, Alcatel has incorporated an Octa Core processor with a configuration of 32GB of RAM and 3GB of ROM. More than enough to run applications such as WhatsApp, mail, surf the Internet and even to play quite a few not too demanding games.

The second aspect in which the processor plays an important role is in optimizing the battery. Thanks to the 4,000 mAh, we can spend many hours both watching videos and playing games. Of course, average daily use is assured and we won’t have to go through the charger every few hours.

Google to make it even smarter

In addition to Artificial Intelligence technology, the new Alcatel 1S 2020 also includes the smart features of Google voice assistant. So important are these assistants that the new Alcatel device has a physical key dedicated to calling Google services and using it to, from knowing what the weather is in a city to translating words and conversations if we are abroad.

Alcatel positions this device in the input range, and this is reflected in the 119 euros of its starting pricea in Spain, but if we attend and compare its specifications with some mid-range phones, we see how they are not so disparate. In general, when someone buys a phone in this price range, in a short time they can think that they fall short. In this case, it is not so.