A chaotic wedding brought Queen Elizabeth and Felipe together 73 years ago

In a chaotic wedding, he joined Reina Isabel and Felipe 73 years ago (Instagram)

In a chaotic wedding he joined Queen Isabel and Felipe 73 years ago | Instagram

On a day like today, 20 2020, the then Princess Queen Elizabeth and the Duke Philip from Edinburgh joined their lives at Westminster Abbey, yet few know of the series of unfortunate events that preceded the morning the couple joined their lives.

The marriage of the highest sovereign of the British crown and her husband, Queen Isabel and Felipe meant a great historical event, just two years after the end of the Second World War.

Then-Princess Lilibeth, 21, and Felipe, 26, starred in the first royal wedding broadcast on television.

The couple pose seated in the Oak Room in the Windsor castle, England in a picture taken on November 17, 2020 while admiring an anniversary card from wedding, a detail from two of her great-grandchildren, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, children of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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The long-lived monarch, who has held the longest throne in the history of England since 1952, who despite rumors that have revolved around her life with Philip and many other tests, has also achieved one of the longest-lasting marriages with man. with which he joined his life 73 years ago.

The chaotic morning at Isabel and Felipe’s wedding

Depending on the traditions that accompany weddings, some of the brides might take it as a bad sign if certain mishaps occur on the special day.

This was not the case for Isabel, as she was willing to marry the man she had fallen in love with despite a series of unfortunate events that could have meant a “bad omen.”

According to a publication, the great moment in Isabel’s life could be overshadowed by a series of details that were presented at that time.

There were a lot of things that went wrong that day for the royals, they reveal:

Something Borrowed

A tradition by rule of a bride, whether royal or not, is that she looks something borrowed, Isabel would wear her grandmother’s diamond tiara, however, before the big moment, it was broken, no one would have judged Isabel if she had been covered in a veil but with nerves, however, it was the opposite.

Apparently, the diadem would be taken to the workshop and was repaired, before the refusal of the princess to change her tiara, it had a very strong sentimental value for her.

Pearls, a symbol of tears

Isabel did not take into account the superstitions that have accompanied weddings for many years, the use of pearls in a dress or details of the bridal trousseau is synonymous with bad luck.

The then future heir to the throne almost left without the necklace that she would wear which consisted of two rows of pearls that her parents had given her on the occasion of the marriage – in St. James Palace.

Meanwhile, everyone in the Abbey was impatient to see the bride at the entrance of the church, finally Isabel arrived and the guests were speechless.

It was an arrival so charged with drama and beauty that no Hollywood fantasy could match it: King George, in her naval uniform, and Princess Elizabeth, in her lovely soft and gold gown, framed at the entrance.

The walk to the altar …

A fanfare of trumpets broke the silence, the Westminster choir began to sing ‘Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven’ and after a parade of friars from the Abbey, Elizabeth walked the nave on the arm of her father. His face was pale and withdrawn. “Oh, she seems nervous,” whispered a lady on the bench, The New York Times reported.

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Despite the fact that the event was marked to some extent by “austerity”, a cause derived from the post-war period, the other preparations were no less ostentatious.