Diego Maradona and Claudia Villafañe

Last week, the environment of Diego Maradona announced that the appearance of news was imminent in one of the causes that started his ex, Claudia Villafañe. In the last hours, relevant events emerged. The surprise has to do with the fact that it is a complaint in which she had already been dismissed in 2019. The ruling was reviewed despite the judicial fair and the pandemic, and two of the three judges who intervened revoked it so that it investigate again. This is one of the main causes, due to tax evasion, which branches out into other similar ones. A love and hate story that cannot be closed.

Part of the cause document that was reopened (Photo: Infobae)

“Now they are going to investigate transfers, properties, companies, these companies include the presence of their daughters when they were minors. Names appear in the investigation and will be investigated again. Justice says: « We are going to investigate because things are not closed to us. » They are going to see if Claudia is the president of Ceramo MetalStudio INC, which is a company registered in Miami, which would have worked under different aliases in Miami such as ‘Vellafañe’ or ‘Villafane, ‘” he reported. Damien Red Intruders.

Claudia Villafañe received a judicial setback (Video: Intruders-America) (llatella@infobae.com/Infobae)

On the other hand, it talks about the different questions that will continue to be investigated because doubts arose. They talk about bank accounts, assets abroad, real estate, money deposits. Even from a transfer to a bank based in Geneva, Switzerland, which would have charged a firm called « Las Del Diez Bis », which would have a relationship with Claudia. The sum of one million dollars transferred in 2013 is being investigated and, according to what they say, what happened with those funds was not elaborated on.

The appearance of new names referring to corporations that were presented by Maradona’s lawyers and that would involve Villafañe is the novelty that comes to light. In this sense, the journalist read a message he received from Matías Morla, Diego’s lawyer: “It is an exemplary ruling from the legal point of view. The route of the money stolen from Diego is still being investigated, which records real estate that was purchased in the United States while they were married. In addition, having written checks in your name while in different banking entities… ”.

According to Morla, Villafañe is the possible owner of companies that operate abroad. They also reported from the lawyer’s study that she would have failed to declare assets and accounts abroad when she took advantage of the money laundering law. This is where the State also comes into play, through the AFIP. They say that there would have been tax evasion and if this is proven, the money laundering that Villafañe incorporated at the time, would fall. This would have Claudia worried, because those who say that she hid data and assets are the very camera judges who opened the case.

Excerpts from the resolution (Video: Intruders-America) (llatella@infobae.com/Infobae)

Teleshow had access to the document that the doctors signed Bonzon, Ovens and Robiglio, which lists the items that were opened. The material maintains that « An arbitrary selection of evidence was made by those parties regarding the existence of accounts located in foreign banks at the time of the investigated events, which would not have been declared by Villafañe ». On this paragraph, it is emphasized that only checks were presented and there was no further investigation into, for example, where they came out.

Furthermore, he refers to his daughters, Dalma and Gianinna. « Investigation of money received by one of the daughters of the accused for the approximate sum of 300 thousand dollars to Banco Santander Río in Argentina while the accused was outside of this country. » Related to this, the defense of the gymnastics technician maintains that there are two banks located in New York that could be asked for information and trace the route of the money being claimed.

From Morla’s study they maintain that in the coming days there will be news from Miami. For now, it will be necessary to see what strategy Villafañe will resort to through his lawyer, Fernando Burlando.


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