A car brand confesses and reveals how it has lived the contingency

The automotive market has been one of the most affected during this health contingency.

Many brands have found in digital an indispensable armed arm to face the challenges of contingency.

The health contingency has become a tremendous challenge for brands, which have had to adapt to a phenomenon that has had all kinds of repercussions on business.

Sara silva, Marketing and Communication Manager JAC Mexico, confesses to Merca2.0 and in this interview he reveals how the automotive industry has experienced the health contingency and the trends that have been imposed as a result of this phenomenon for car brands.

Merca2.0 – With a contingency that does not stop, brand communication is key, what are the media that are helping commercial narratives turn into sales and why? And how to create a formula with means that is effective for this purpose?

Sara Silva – We had to adapt to the needs of the market with the creation of an area dedicated to digital sales, which, by the way, today represents 10 percent of our sales.

In this discovery, we also managed to approach our followers in a different way thanks to the same platform and the great work of the team.

JAC Mexico’s strategy, in this time, has undoubtedly been linked to storytelling to talk about our strengths, focusing on the 5 hallmarks that characterize us.

Merca2.0 – What is the consumer’s perception of the automobile, now that the contingency has imposed new habits and patterns of travel?

SS – What we have detected is that before the contingency, the trend to buy a vehicle was decreasing, however, today we have to place them as the second safest place where a person / persons can be, in addition to the most significant means of transport. safe.

Today we have to think not only about our safety, but also about new technologies and the environment, an area in which we have also taken a step forward thanks to the fact that we have a line of 100 percent electric vehicles.

Merca2.0 – There are trends in marketing that are consolidating in 2021. What are the ones that are prevailing in the automotive market?

SS – Undoubtedly one of them, in addition to the momentum and boom that digital marketing has had on different platforms, call them social networks, search sites like Google, is the way in which we have to approach people and put “within reach hand in hand “all the information, images, videos, etc.

Merca2.0 – The industry is constantly growing, what elements are triggering it? Considering that the contingency ended the traditional triggers of a car purchase.

SS – The growing need for a place to feel safe even when moving from point to point. In addition to the challenges that as automotive brands we have adopted to face this problem.

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