A Captain America for inclusion


TEvery day, in the real or fictional world, major battles are fought. For example, Captain America has been keeping Red Skull at bay for 80 years, dealing with civil conflicts and with infinite gauntlets, among other problems with supervillains. The Mexican transgender artist Jan Bazaldúa has her fight against transphobia and discrimination in a society closed to diversity.

In this context, Aaron Fischer is born, the first homosexual character who will use the mantle of Captain America to defend against people made invisible by conservative values, who will debut on June 30 during the launch of the first issue of The United States of Captain America event. , from the publisher Marvel Comics.

The story, written by Josh Trujillo and illustrated by Bazaldúa, is set during the historic theft of the shield of Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, who, along with Sam Wilson (Falcon), undertakes a journey through the United States to find the culprit, but oh surprise! along the way they discover more captains defending their communities. They are all the target of the criminal and the shield is just a warning.

In addition to Aaron, The United States of Captain America will also present the black Captain America, Nichelle Wright, and the Filipina Ari Agbayani, defender and executioner of injustice at her school, not forgetting Joe Gomez, who is Captain America of the Kickapoo tribe.

The volumes announced to date are four and will be published on a monthly basis, starting next Wednesday.

The publisher wanted to do its bit for people to normalize the LGBTQ + community, and I, as a Marvel worker, have been looking for me for four years to bring the character to life based on the script (by Trujillo) and ideas and designs own.

Finally, Aaron reflects the experiences of the entire community. When I go out, people stare at me very intently. It is still a fight in its infancy, and that part, the courage and the strength of will that we bring out every day, I transmitted to the character “, explained Jan, by telephone, to Excelsior.

Aaron is gay, wears punk hair, he’s slim, strong, has a star tattoo on his neck and the flag on his left arm. When his debut was announced, and later that of Joe Gomez, social networks spat homophobic, classist and racist comments, seen by the artists themselves, but with their ideals intact and ready to defend them tooth and nail, and we with all of them .

It saddened me, but it’s not something I don’t experience on a daily basis. Rejection is the most common thing for all people like me. We fight against the current now because people don’t like their idols being touched, the ones who complained are the fans of the Captain for being a very macho and American symbol, and that annoyed them.

I would invite them to open up, because no one is making Steve Rogers homosexual, he is still the superman, supermale and whatever they want, we only put people, who could be any of us, with the intention of helping his community, using the mantle of the Captain as an inspiration in the fight against rejection and evil, as he does
Aaron, ”he explained.

According to Jan, Fischer’s longevity depends on the reception of readers and the noise the event makes, as happened to Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy), a supporting character who debuted in the second issue of Edge of Spider- See, in 2014, having his own series a year later for the taste in women and their feminist nature.

In this way, Bazaldúa will join the Pride month celebrations and the 80 years of existence of the leader of the stars and stripes, but that’s not all, he also worked on the illustration of Voice’s: Pride, the Marvel number, an anthology that celebrates the characters representing the LGBTQ + community, such as Iceman, Hulkling, Wiccan, Mystique, Destiny, among others. “Here I made a short story with Catwoman and a mutant who is trans,” he said.

Winter Guard is another comic in which he collaborates with the Casa de las Ideas, and his book Las Chicas de Jan Bazaldúa, republished by Comikaze Books, is on sale for 500 pesos, through the mail and physically at the Retromex store in Forum Buenavista.


-It is originally from Mexico City

-He was a cover artist for the magazine Las Chambeadoras

-Your favorite work at Marvel has been Mr & Mrs. X, along with Kelly Thompson

-He started working at Marvel with Star Wars: Rogue One

-He has been in the world of comics for 30 years

-Evil Dead: Dead By Dawn, Suicide Squad Most Wanted: The Devil & Boomerang and Loki: The God Who Fell to Earth are some of his works

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