A camera captures the exact moment when a meteorite sinks in the Pacific

It happened off the coast of Australia: a ship’s camera recorded when a meteor appeared and fell in the middle of the ocean.

The tranquility of the coast of Tasmania, in Australia, was broken with a very powerful light. The light was followed by a tremendous crash from something sinking into the Pacific Ocean. It was a meteorite.

A ship’s camera captured when the fireball fell on the sea at 9:30 p.m. local time, according to the Daily Mail.

The CSIRO RV Investigator is a scientific research ship sailing off the Australian coast. The light and the impact of the meteorite worried the crew. Fortunately, no one was injured.

John Hooper is the captain of the CSIRO and said: « It was a stroke of luck. »

« What we saw when reviewing the live images amazed us, the size and brightness of the meteorite was incredible. »

He added: “The meteorite streaks across the sky directly in front of the craft and then breaks apart. We were very lucky that we captured everything. « 

Why does a meteor strike the Earth?

A meteorite can enter the atmosphere with a speed of between 40,000 and 260,000 kilometers per hour. Remember that they are rocky bodies that travel through space with their own trajectory.

Due to the gravitational force of the Earth, there are several space rocks that end up crashing against our surface.

Glen Nagle belongs to the CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science.

The CSIRO, as explained by the Daily Mail, carries out a seafloor mapping project for an Australian agency.

« Cameras are everywhere, in our pockets and in our cities, » Nagle said. « But you have to aim in the right place, at the right time: the RV Investigator was in that place and at that time. »