On the same day that Pedro Sánchez appeared before the Congress of Deputies to give a devastating message to the nation: Spaniards, “the hardest thing is yet to come”, His Majesty Felipe VI has done the same through a speech televised, recorded by RTVE and offered to all operators and media. The situation required an intervention by the Head of State. It already did so when in 2017 Catalonia illegally proclaimed its independence. This time, he does it after a black day in which Spain records 616 deaths from COVID-19. The death toll rises above 13,700.

King Felipe VI

Felipe VI has focused his message on a call to calm and responsibility. He has defined the situation as a moment of “concern and concern”, while acknowledging that this is a “new, different and unprecedented crisis “. However, he wanted to put his fist on the table and make it clear that will take an active role in solving this conflict, since, as previously announced, he met this afternoon of March 18 with the President of the Government and the technical committee for the management of the coronavirus, in order to analyze the measures that have been adopted in the proclaimed state of alarm and that they are included in the Constitution.

His message has sought to appease the spirits of the population, increasingly saturated by over-information and by the conditions in which it is submerged to try to stand up to the virus. Conscious of this, the monarch has made reference to all the moments in which history has put a society to the test. Because if. We are making history. “I’m sure we are all going to set an example of civility, dedication, effort and solidarity, so that no one can feel alone and helpless “, Felipe VI pointed out with a serious face, while he launched a clear political message:” We must put aside our differences, unite under the same goal and we have to do it all together. ”

Along the same lines, he has referred directly to the population, to make it clear that “each and every one of us is part of the solution“and, therefore, calls for” resistance “and” endurance. “” We have to adapt our ways of life to the recommendations of the experts, “he added, ending with a motivational message:” This virus will not defeat us. It will make us stronger as a society; a society that stands up against any adversity. “

A special recipient

Despite the fact that the message was addressed to the entire population, Her Majesty has wanted to make a special mention to a specific sector: the affected and those who fight day by day with their work against the virus. To the first ones, he has transmitted all his affection and affection, both his and the Queen, the Princess and the Infanta. “Lots of strength and encouragement“, I wished briefly, aware that there is no consolation for those who have had any loss. To the seconds, all the entities and public services that are at the foot of the canyon, have also sent them all their strength.

However, he wanted to embody all his gratitude in a specific group, the health personnel. “For them, my greatest admiration, respect, support. You are the vanguard of Spain in this fight against the disease, our first line of defense. Your professionalism, dedication, courage and sacrifice are an unforgettable example, “listed the monarch, who turned again to the point of history.”This is a crisis that we are going to overcome and overcome“Felipe VI ditched.