a boxer dies after being knocked out in a clandestine match

New fatal outcome in the ring, this time in a clandestine combat. It happened in a Teresina club, in Brazil, in an evening that took place under the name of ‘Challenge combat’ and that had as a sad protagonist the amateur boxer Jonas de Andrade Carvalho, who lost his life after receiving harsh punishment from his adversary.

Carvalho, also known as ‘Light Warrior’ He suffered several blows from his opponent to the head and in fact fell to the canvas after a combination of his opponent’s hands. But Jonas got up and the referee, after applying the due account, decided that he was fit to continue boxing, when the video images clearly indicate that he was not.

He received another hard hand and kissed the canvas again, barely reached his corner, fainting and having to be removed from the ring by his team. He was admitted to the hospital, and shortly after died at the age of 34 as a result of a brain injury suffered after the combat.

The police have opened an investigation.