A bodybuilder crushes his legs and saves his life thanks to Alexa!

Dante J McNulty, 40-year-old British bodybuilder, is on everyone’s lips in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world for the very serious accident he suffered and from which he was saved almost by a miracle. In fact, he recognizes that he is still alive thanks to his virtual assistant, one of the famous devices Amazon’s Alexa, that when he almost died from crushing the weights, his legs helped him to call for help in time after his veins exploded.

McNulty tells how that night he went to walk his dog as always near his house, in Cambridgeshire (England). He left his room and went down the spiral staircase to the door, but tripped and rolled down the steps down the stairs. The hard fall left him unconscious on the ground with his legs bent. He was like this for six hours, without knowledge, so the pressure of his 105 kilos of weight caused the veins in his legs to explode, preventing blood from passing through and causing acute compartment syndrome, a life-threatening condition.

Fortunately for him, he woke up just in time and even avoided death. Obviously he couldn’t move, so it was the virtual device Alexa who helped him call for help: «I felt paralyzed. I yelled at my Amazon Echo, which is linked to my phone, to call one of my friends. Thank goodness my wifi worked.

“They wanted me to sign a disclaimer saying they had my permission to amputate my legs if necessary,” recalls this 40-year-old bodybuilder: “He took the muscle off the bone and let it hang there to make sure all the pressure could come off and the blood flow could continue again. Don’t forget your McNulty virtual assistant: «My Amazon Echo saved my life, I have to give my friend and the surgeons some credit though. It should be added that Dante spent more than a month in the hospital, proof of how serious his accident was.