A boat folded in half!

Rescued by Jean Le Cam while he was drifting on his life raft, Kevin Escoffier returned to the circumstances of the sinking of PRB.

The wait must have seemed endless to him. Refugee on his life raft after his PRB, victim of a waterway, sank, Kevin Escoffier had to take his illness patiently. Because if Jean Le Cam, quickly came to the area, immediately located him, he immediately lost sight of him, only finding him in the middle of the night. The skipper of Yes we Cam! therefore did not want to wait any longer and managed to hoist him aboard his boat on his first attempt.

We worked well with Jean. When I arrived, I said to him: ‘I’m sorry, you are doing a crazy race, I’m sorry to fuck your thing’. He told me: ‘well listen, the last time, it was the opposite, it was PRB who got me back’ ”, he confided before recounting the sinking of his Imoca, victim of ‘a first waterway, just a few days after the start of Les Sables-d’Olonne.

It’s a crazy thing

You see the films on the shipwrecks, it was the same but worse. In four seconds, the boat stalled, the bow folded 90 °. I put my head in the cockpit. I had the time to send a text, a wave has disturbed all the electronics. It’s a crazy thing. Fold a boat in half! I did, but this one… ”he explained..

“The distress beacon has been activated, this corresponds to a priority request. Jean-Marc Le Failler, his manager, also received a very quick message: ‘I’m asking for assistance, I’m sinking, it’s not bullshit’. It happened in a very brutal way, the boat broke in two, had for his part said Jacques Caraës, director of the Vendée Globe race. He just had time to put on his survival suit and get in the water with his bib, his famous life raft which inflates automatically with a distress beacon on his back and a small personal beacon. “