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Philips Hue Gaming It is undoubtedly a revolution in the market for lighting using LED strips. Its sales package includes two portable lamps with a two-meter LED strip and a Hue bridge. Of course, it also contains a power supply for charging so that you always have it ready to enjoy its use. If you want to know more about Gaming lighting and all the news about the brand’s products, keep reading.

What are the benefits of using Philips Hue Gaming?

These devices bring you many advantages. They have the most innovative technologies in the sector and allow you to enjoy an unprecedented experience. its lighting treatment it shows you the colors as if they were a new dimension in which you enter, so you can entertain yourself and play like never before, enjoying the wonders of the latest generation technology ready to be used from your home.

In addition to the main advantage that comes from the hand of its quality, it can also help you decorate your living room. You can buy the device in white or black and install it where it is most comfortable for you, for example behind the TV, both horizontally and vertically. Without bothering you, it will increase your satisfaction during the hours you spend playing video games.

BUY (€ 124.00)

In addition, you can synchronize it with your music, your movies, all your video games and everything you need, because for this it has the Hue Sync technology. Of course, you can choose what to use it with, as it works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home. So you won’t have to adapt to a new system just for this device.

Feel free to inquire more about Gaming lighting. Philips Hue Gaming works to make your gaming experience more fun and amazing every day, allowing you to enjoy the graphic art behind games.

Other Philips Hue products

Hue Play Gradient, gaming lighting strip

Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip is a Smart lighting strip gaming LED with white and colored light 2000-6500K with 20 W. It has brackets designed for the strip making it easy to install on 75 & rdquor; TVs.

With this smart strip of Gaming LED Amazon you can get multiple colors of light simultaneously. It has 1,650 lumens and a 25,000 hour lifespan. You will need a desktop or mobile app.

You will notice a immersive experience in which every detail of the strip has been designed for the best light effect.

BUY (€ 229.00)

Hue Iris

Philips Hue Iris is a smart table lamp LED with white and colored light that works through Bluetooth, compatible with Google Home and Alexa to enjoy its control also by voice.

This smart lamp with a compact design can be placed anywhere in your house, being able to light up in any color to change the decoration to your liking. You can control with Bluetooth up to 10 lamps and bulbs thanks to the Philips Hue Bluetooth app.

If you connect it to your Bridge / Hue bridge, you will be able to control the smart lighting completely by accessing all the lighting and control functions.

BUY (€ 94.65)

Wall lamp

Philips Hue Gaming is a smart wall lamp with lights led white and colored compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Bluetooth and Zigbee. It has a total of 10 bulbs with its free app and with the Philips Hue Bridge that is sold separately you can control the light in your house up to a maximum of 50 bulbs.

You can regulate it without installation in colored and white light with a temperature of 2000 to 6500 kelvin and with the possibility of synchronizing with movies and music. It is compatible with Google Nest and Echo smart speakers. It is a smart lamp for the perfect illumination gamingBUY (€ 158.06)

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