A Bentley Continental GT PHEV would be on the way. Do you like the idea …?

A decade ago the electrification of the automotive sector it looked like something distant and doubtful. But that, to this day, is no longer the case, especially considering that large cities are closing a large part of their roads to traffic. So as the saying goes “renew or die.” Hence you sign nobles like Ferrari, Bentley or Rolls Royce have had to embrace this new paradigm. Of course, always from his own point of view.

One of the firms that has surprised us the most, due to its adaptability, is Bentley. The first model in its range to join this “trend” was the Bentayga. Shortly after came the Flying Spur PHEV, marking a turning point in the firm’s tradition in the sedan segment. Well, those responsible would be thinking of launching a new model. There is speculation with a new Bentley Continental GT PHEV Are the rumors true?

The hypothetical Bentley Continental GT PHEV could use the powertrain of the Flying Spur PHEV …

Apparently, Matthias Rabe, head of engineering at Bentley, would have spoken with Autocar about the possibility of this model seeing the light. The reasons for taking this step tended more to do with the need to get around the problems cities are putting on internal combustion vehicles. In addition, customers seem to be interested in a sports car powered by a mechanic of this type. Of course there would be a problem …

Rabe would have been reluctant to explain what the “exact” plans are. they would have for this Continental GT PHEV. So taking into account the doubts, it is not surprising that rumors have come to the fore to give a possible reason. First of could use the Bentayga’s PHEV hybrid powertrain or that, secondly, it does the same with the one of the recent Flying Spur. And it seems that they are very clear about which one they will choose …

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Apparently, could choose the configuration of the Flying Spur PHEV. The reason is very simple: it offers more power and performance than the Bentayga. It is not strange, because it combines a block 2.9 V6 Biturbo with an interleaved electric motor between the engine and the 8-speed double clutch gearbox. Hence, its power reaches 399 kW and 726 Nm of torque. Of course, there is also the option of the VAG organ bank.

For now there is no definite plan for the Continental GT PHEV, but everything indicates that this version will arrive sooner rather than later. We must not forget that the English firm will launch its first 100% electric model on the market in 2025. It will be an SUV, but after it more models from different segments will arrive. In any case, if they want to be emissions neutrals by 2030 They have no choice but to follow this path. Patience then …

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