Advances in technology are increasingly inclusive and have touched almost all branches of the production chain. The real estate sector is not the exception.

This sector has found in new technologies not only a tool to optimize existing work, for many professionals in the sector, the arrival of certain advances have meant the opportunity to touch new business opportunities.

Technology and its benefits

Juan José Loyo, RE / MAX Metropoli II, Mexico City, affirms that “technology has made it possible to improve the productivity of a real estate agent. Through Google Maps we can get to an address easier, find nearby services and measure transfer times to a property. Today most of our files are received and sent digitally. With the improvement of the cameras of the cell phones, we can take professional-level photos, with lighting control and with a wide angle lens, all with the cell phone, before we had to carry a heavy and delicate professional camera and a wide angle lens. Today, the use of tools such as Zoom has become more popular among all ages, it allows us to have meetings with clients or sales appointments virtually, a negotiation between clients used to be done personally, today it is possible to have a conference call or video call between all interested parties. It is even possible to sign contracts with a digital signature ”.

Thus, as indicated by the RE / MAX spokesperson, he points out that “although human contact is very important, we must not neglect the tools that will help us close businesses, so real estate agents must learn to use them and be in continuous update.

The reflections of Juan José Loyo take on special importance in the midst of a situation such as the one we are currently experiencing, in which physical and person-to-person contact has been reduced due to a health emergency.

« On the other hand, the digitization of institutions allows us to streamline our processes. In Mexico City you can inquire about a property, its land and water debts, consult its authorized land use and even make inquiries in the Public Registry, all digitally. In the area of ​​rents, we can check if a person has previous lease demands. All this thanks to technological advances, which have a positive impact on the real estate branch, allowing us to optimize times and have better communication with our clients, ”concluded the RE / MAX spokesperson.


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