a beautiful nightmare [FW Labs]

Little Nightmares 2 finally came to us after a long wait but I’m happy to say that the wait was really worth it, as this game not only complements the first game, but perfects everything we saw before.


Here we can find some very different things in terms of the first installment and its downloadable content, because now we do have a way to defend ourselves from some enemies that get in our way, mainly from some small enemies that can be defeated with melee weapons.

The combat is limited, because you can only do it in some parts and with objects that you find out there, but this is perfect, Well, it doesn’t ruin the experience of surviving against supernatural beings much bigger than us..

One of the best things we can find is the fact of having the help of an additional character, who apart from serving to help us not lose our sanity in the desolate world we explore, It will also help us to avoid some of the dangers that we encounter throughout our adventure..

Sometimes he helps us by ringing something so that we can pass or by extending his hand so that we can get to other places, teamwork with this other character is vital, which, by the way, she is the protagonist of the first game, or at least that is how we are shown.


Chronologically speaking and according to the clues that we are given in the game, this could well be a prequel to the first title, but since the narrative is completely subjective and there is no dialogue or anything like that, everything is left here in speculation and theories, which obviously helps a lot to get the community talking about the game and leaves us thinking about it even after finishing it. Especially after finishing it.

It is undoubtedly a unique experience in the market at the moment, since the different nods to everything we have seen in the franchise previously helps to make the universe a little more known and, above all, open more questions without answering almost anything. It is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it is the best for those who love mysteries and solve them.

But yeah, noticing Six’s presence from the very cover of the game, it is basically a fact that we are facing a prequel. But you better draw your own conclusions.

Visuals and audio

This game is simply beautiful from start to finish, the level design, the cinematic framing and, above all, the enemy design is unmatched in the market. It is scary, beautiful and gloomy at the same time. You can literally see the deformed face of a terrifying monster and then tour a highly detailed city or ruined building.

I think it is one of the most interesting visual horror games that I have played in recent years, they are visuals that make you fall in love.

The audio of the game is also of vital importance, as it helps a lot to create a terrifying atmosphere in all the places you visit. In addition, some audio tracks that you can listen to there also help to know a little more about the story, or at least give clues about it, but you have to pay close attention. Sure, there are also some times where audio is essential to be able to solve puzzles..

Other things to keep in mind

This game features collectibles as well and a secret ending that you must discover to really learn more about the story. Bosses now pose a completely different threat and there are some that you can even damage thanks to the combat system and other situations.

You will also find many hats that you can equip while playing without problems, but first you have to find them, which is sometimes easy and other times it is not.

Something also that you should consider is that the campaign, if you are good at playing, can last about 5 hours, but thanks to trial and error, and collectibles, the game can be replayed a lot and its duration is extended. For the price it’s just so worth it.

But if you have to keep something in mind, it is that if the first title is worth playing before this one, Well, both are very worth it.


You can not do anything other than recommend this beautiful game to all lovers of the horror genre, because you can see the love they put into making it. There are just a lot of very interesting details, terrifying designs and an unbeatable atmosphere in this title..

It may sound short at first, but when you pass it and return to collect everything that could have happened to you before, you will continue to find more and more interesting things in the adventure and you will see it with different eyes.

In conclusion, do yourself a favor and play it.

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