A Barbie”! Shakira left even Gerard Piqué breathless


A Barbie”! Shakira left even Gerard Piqué breathless | Instagram

Despite her immense fame, the Colombian singer Shakira has not lost the simplicity that has characterized her much of her career as well as her remarkable beauty and to show an image in which through a tight black garment she reveals a little more leather in addition to its marked silhouette looks like a wholeBarbie!

The famous author of “Pies descalzos” puts to the test once why it is one of the fans’ favorites and it is that just looking at the photograph is enough to understand the reasons why Pique fell before her feet. She is definitely beautiful and knows how to exploit all her attributes!

It is worth mentioning that the Barranquilla has a totally healthy style and accompanied not only by one, but by several disciplines that help her stay in shape, there is no doubt that for many of her admirers the results will jump at a glance.

On this occasion, the interpreter of “Waka Waka”, Shakira, left her fans speechless once again after appearing in a totally fitted black outfit that managed to make a strong impression as it revealed a little more skin in addition to showing off part of her beautiful legs.

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Undoubtedly, with this piece, the wife of the Barca team defender will have made many dreaming, and even the football star himself.

Milan and Sasha’s mother looks natural, serene and sure of her beauty, one of the great qualities that have always identified her within the competitive environment of music.

It should be said that there were not just one but several images in which the beautiful Colombian appears and even in some of them she was accompanied by the singer Rihanna.

In the postcards, both appeared with the same garment color which made them look mysterious and seductive, in another it appears with a tight red outfit and a background of the tone of her skin, again highlighting the qualities of the youthful artist.

The snapshots were revealed by one of the fan page accounts that hosts the Instagram platform @Shakira_Killa, dedicated to revealing various moments in the life and career of the owner of the most famous “hips” in entertainment.

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll She was in charge from a very young age to demonstrate the great talent that characterized her, very young she was able to conquer the public with her own style and the way in which she took over the stages.

During her career, she has collected more successes that have even led her to be recognized by major record companies such as Sony Music and Billboard, positioning her as the “Queen of Latin Pop.”

The artist who shares Lebanese, Colombian and Spanish roots on the part of her parents, is a reference in music after having conquered it with countless successes.

The name “Shakira” comes from Arabic and means “grateful”, like her father’s last name, Mebarak, while Ripoll has its origin in Catalan.

A name that definitely could not go more in agreement with the energetic interpreter who for many years conquered the hearts of all her followers who until today have shown her great love and support for her career.

These are the results that the now influencer has reaped after impressing all her heart and energy on each of her projects.

Thanks to all this, it would also give the impulse to “Shak“to turn to philanthropy in a moment, even becoming a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

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Now, despite the fact that the singer has not remained constant on stage, since she has dedicated herself to carrying out a primary task alongside her family, her fans would wait for the right moment when she decides to delight them once again with new songs and her unmatched presence.