A bar in Tenerife takes 8,000 ‘likes’ when giving its version of what happened after this criticism

The user’s criticism of the bar. (Photo: GOOGLE)

The crossing of messages between customers and bars and restaurants on the main opinion platforms has already become a classic and there are times when you want to grab some popcorn to see how the scuffles end.

On many occasions, the owners of the premises try to defend themselves against bad reviews by giving their version of events, which often completely change the story.

As an example, what has happened with a brewery in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which has taken on great relevance on Instagram in recent hours due to the response it has given to an allegedly disgruntled user.

The customer gave a star out of five, the worst possible rating, to the establishment, which in Google has an overall score of 4.4 out of five. The criticism he left was as brief as it is hard: “Bad attention and very disrespectful treatment, a group of 6 friends who will not return.”

Shortly after, the owner of the brewery gave his version of what happened there: he assures that customers entered the premises only to use the bathroom, without consuming anything.

“You should try to enter the bathroom in the place where you were consuming, not in the one next to it (which is ours)”, he begins by saying before adding: “And if you are going to do it, at least ask for it with respect, since the The current situation requires us to be aware of who enters and who leaves. When you do so, you will be treated the same way ”.

“You will not return since, deep down, you were never in the place, so Good Luck and Health!”, Concludes the owner of the bar.

The answer has been shared on Instagram by the account Soy Camarero, dedicated to hospitality issues, and in less than a day it has already accumulated more than 8,000 ‘likes’.

The response has sparked reactions like these:

In the place next door where I work, they send people to our bathrooms with the excuse that “they do not lend the bathroom, use the one next door” … impressive.

The ZASCA sounds for Cádiz….

Do not get diarrhea and all the bathrooms are occupied



Nooo! There is every case

Go jetaaaaa !!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


What a crazy think

“This pandemic will make us better people” 😂

This is getting out of hand. How much is left to a place to show these things.

This would have to be controlled

But I see that there is already a rebellion, which is what we should all do.

Nothing … As the customer is always right … 😆😆😆 Anyway …

I have gone to the bathroom many times, without using. With politeness, they always let you pass. So ole down the bars.❤️❤️❤️

Reviews of these there are thousands .. @people think that reviews are like a diary, they don’t even know what it means hahaha

Respect fails and education in my store is the daily bread, as they are or believe to be clients, they think that they have all the rights, when they do not even consume.

One of us said that we pouted (it will be because of what he could see through the masks) which was obviously not true, and another complained that the waitresses were not talkative with them (I am German or churro) if they come to my country, won’t it be logical for them to learn my language? They have 2 to choose from, Spanish or Galician.

Not very good neighbors seems to have that restaurant jjajja

In my cafeteria I do not let them enter but they consume, I only leave the elderly and pregnant women … it is only for clients but they can pass.

People like that are not worth entering your premises.

Reviews like this are pathetic.

People are that they have no life, they look for a way to screw others as if that gives them pleasure …

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