A baby dies from a possible sudden death in a Madrid nursery

A baby of a few months old has passed away this morning from a possible sudden death in a nursery in the San Diego neighborhood, in the Puente de Vallecas district of Madrid, police sources have confirmed.

The events took place this morning in circumstances that are currently being investigated in the recreation and child care center ‘El Puentecito’ located in Calle Bustos number 6. A baby stopped breathing and had no pulse, the people in charge of the premises quickly called the emergency services.

Six Samur-Civil Protection ambulances have arrived at the place, whose toilets performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers for several minutes without success, so they could only confirm the death. Several teams from the National and Municipal Police of Madrid also attended.

For their part, the psychologists of the Samur They have treated both the father of the deceased baby and the person in charge of the children’s center for a possible anxiety attack after what happened, local sources have indicated. A great number of parents have gathered very nervously in the place to pick up their children.