A 9-year-old boy dies while playing soccer after being struck by lightning

Tragedy in the world of football due to the death of Jordan banks, a nine-year-old boy who has lost his life after being struck by lightning on a football field in Blackpool (England). Teammates and trainers notified the emergency services, who transferred the little boy to hospital, although they could do nothing to save his life, as Sky News has reported.

The consternation among his family and colleagues is total. It was Rangers Junior Football Club that reported the news: «Jordan tragically passed away last night doing what he loved. It was a bright light and an inspiration to everyone he met. Fly high young man, sleep well and God bless you. Liverpool and player James Milner, an idol for the little one, have also joined the tribute on their twitter account.

Jordan he was raising money for mental health services after his uncle took his own life in 2018. Milner himself sent him a video congratulating him on his great work.

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