A 3-meter PlayStation 5? It’s real and a youtuber already has it

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The size of the PlayStation 5 gave something to talk about and even became a meme, because compared to Xbox Series X, the Sony console attracted attention for its measurements, something that surely was a headache for those who did not find a good place to place it in their homes. However, you can always go further and those who can give themselves an eccentric taste do it, even if it is a 3-meter PS5.

Check out the world’s largest PlayStation 5

In recent days, the acquisition of youtuber ZHC emerged, who revealed through his official Twitter account that he bought the largest PlayStation 5 in the world and was serious, since it is a modification of the console to enlarge its dimensions, so who ended up measuring 3 meters and weighing more than 200 kilograms. Although it might seem like an object of ornament, the reality is that it is not, as it includes the original hardware and is fully functional.

In the same way, this 3-meter PS5 includes its own larger DualSense, which also works just as the original controller does and which, seen in perspective, is a design achievement, especially for everything that involves the sticks. analogs and triggers. With its new purchase secured, ZHC presented it on video as part of a challenge to give a distinctive touch to what is already the largest PS5 in the world.

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