A 17,500-year-old kangaroo is the oldest rock painting in Australia

The life-size kangaroo was found on the roof of a cave in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The importance of the kangaroo in Australian history has been such that the oldest rock painting recreated one of them. The age of this work is from 17,100 to 17,500 years: there is no older one, according to the scientific community.

The kangaroo is two meters long and was drawn on the ceiling of a cave in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The area belongs to the Unghango clan, in Balanggarra.

Damien Finch, author of the study, points out that it is the oldest in Australia.

Radiocarbon dating of wasp nests made of mud was used to determine the estimated age. These were below and above 16 similar paintings in the area.

“It is a significant finding. Through these estimates we can understand something of the world in which these ancient artists lived, ”Finch said.

The research was published in the specialized journal Nature Human Behavior.

The Kimberley kangaroo bond with animals from other areas

Sven Ouzman from the School of Social Sciences at the University of Western Australia also worked with Finch.

“This iconic kangaroo image is visually similar to rock paintings on islands in Southeast Asia. They are dated more than 40 thousand years ago. It suggests a cultural link and hints at even older rock art in Australia, ”he said.

What is Ouzman referring to? Recently It was found in the Celebes Islands, in Indonesia, which is considered the oldest cave painting in the world.

It was a babirusa, a kind of pig native to the islands.